Friedhof Hörnli - Karl Barth's Last Place of Rest

The Hörnli is the central cemetery of Basel and one of Switzerland's largest cemeteries.

Two days before he died Karl Barth invited over his assistant, Busch and his wife. They sang Advent Chorals together. Then Karl Barth sang a children's hymn that he had learned in his childhood: "Now I'm going to sleep in peace. Today was a happy day. God has embraced me gently in his heart." On the morning of December 10th he slept his eternal sleep folding his hands in prayer.

Karl Barth's family grave is located in the following part of the very large Hörnli Cemetery:

Abteilung 8 (Division 8), Sektion 3 (Section 3), Grabnummer 14 (Grave No. 14) (refer to this layout)

We would also like to add where Eduard Thurneysen's grave is located:

Abteilung 8 (Division 8), Sektion 3 (Section 3), Grabnummer 378 (Grave No. 378)


Address: Friedhof am Hörnli, 70 Hörnliallee, CH-4125 Riehen
Phone: +41 (0)61 268 68 68

Location: Just outside the city of Basel, easy to reach by tram and bus

  • Main train station SBB.
  • Take Tram No. 1 or 2 to Wettsteinplatz, 1st stop after the River Rhine.
  • Change to bus no. 31 (Direction "Habermatten") to bus stop "Friedhof am Hörnli", or change at Wettsteinplatz to bus No. 34 (Direction "Habermatten") to bus stop "Otto Wenk Platz" for main entrance or one stop later at "Rudolf Wackernagel-Strasse" to get to the rear entrance.
  • From the main entrance it's a 15 minutes walk and from the rear entrance a 5 minutes walk to the grave.